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Melissa / 21 / HTX / Art+Design student

October 21st
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me comforting others

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October 20th
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[Pan version]
[Queer version] [Gay version]
[Ace version] [Demi version]

October 20th
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October 20th
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Lost Woods - Ocarina of Time


Lost Woods - Ocarina of Time

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October 20th
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A bisexual cannot actually be in a ‘straight’ relationship or a ‘homosexual’ relationship because - wait for it - they’re bisexual


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October 20th
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Never quit

October 20th
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Feelin cute with my yellow sweater and Vincent van Gogh socks…

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October 20th
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you were so lucky
to have known me.

Was I just a girl at a party to you?

I am blueberry pools, honey strands,
an overwhelming desire to scream,
the moon trailing you on a highway,
a first kiss with a stranger,
lava encased in a smooth, freckled body.

What the fuck are you?

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October 19th
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October 19th
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